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Course Outline for Short Course in Muscle Testing Skills for Healthcare Practitioners

Worth 6 credits (1 credit = 10 notional hours) CPD

This course is suitable for anyone with an existing qualification in a therapy; for example a nutrition, herbalism, homoeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, personal training, reiki, coaching.It is designed to give you a set of skills that will easily integrate with what you already do. There will be a practical assessment and you will be asked to give evidence of practicing the techniques learned.

In 6 days you will learn:
  • How to proficiently muscle test, using a variety of muscles, with accuracy and precision
  • Ways of correcting muscle imbalances
  • How to select appropriate food and supplements, flower and Gem essences, aromatherapy oils, homoeopathic remedies etc.
  • Simple techniques to address old injuries, flexibility, neck and back problems
  • How to discover the likelihood of specific food intolerances
  • 30 second allergy technique
  • How you can use test vials, along with testing muscle response, to analyse a multitude of body imbalances e.g. candidiasis, blood sugar handling issues, electromagnetic stress, sub optimal health issues, hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity and much much more
  • Highly effective techniques that address any potential psychological issues including: Psychological conflict, affirmations to enforce new positive habits and goals (e.g. Eating healthily/exercising daily etc),releasing old thought patterns, resolving fears and phobias
  • Balancing blood chemistry
  • Chakra balancing
  • Aura leaks
  • ‘Repairing’ scar tissue
  • How to integrate these techniques into your existing practice

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    Short Courses in Kinesiology for Existing Healthcare Practitioners
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