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Legacy of Light - Touch for Health Association Conference

This is the 46th Touch for Health Association Conference. Leading speakers from all over the world joined this USA conference partnered by Knowlative.

Speakers include:
Hugo Tobar
Adam Lehman
Irene Lock
Matthew Thie
Philip Rafferty

Topics included:
  • Legacy of Light: Roots, Essence and innovations in TFH and Kinesiology 2021
  • Return to Love Connecting your Sacred Ying and Yang
  • Vaccine Stress and Corona Virus
  • Why Relationships are Critical in All You Do
  • And more.....
Costs include downloading a pdf (In English and Spanish) of the conference journal and 20+ hours of CPD. A certificate of competance is available.

Find out more by clicking on the 'buy now" button (Approximately 110)
Use the coupon code cki10 for 10% discount.

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