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posted on 21 November 2023 | posted in Post Graduate Kinesiology Training

I do understand that a lot of people are concerned about embarking on a live online course. It can be pretty daunting sitting at a computer for hours on end and it's not something I enjoy too much either! However, had you thought about enrolling on a course that is arranged in bite-sized pieces?

There are definitely advantages of being on a course in-person, however, there are some great advantages to having access to a course for a period of time:

  • Add techniques to your toolbox in your own time and at your own paceToolbox of Techniques
  • You can go over the demonstrations again and again
  • You can repeat the course as many times as you wish
  • The deeper level courses give you the opportunity to ask questions and make comments.
  • Some courses offer, as an extra, an optional in-person day to consolidate and learn more
Save s by enrolling for a shorter period of access. There is still plenty of time to comfortably complete the course and you will be able to judge whether you like learning only, so why not take advantage of this great 25% discount while it's available until 2nd December? The voucher code is TKA25.
Here are the links to the courses and access time you will have:

Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment - 6 months
After Touch for Health - 4 months
Heart as a Second Brain - 1 month
The Immune System Featuring Lyme Disease - 6 months
Subtle Bodies - 4 months
The Temporo-mandibular Joint and Dysponesis - 3 months
Techniques to Help Digestive Issues - 3 months
Analogue Muscle Testing - 6 months

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