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Classical Kinesiology Institute
Terry Larder, Dip.KA, AKFRP, ND, SN, entered the field of natural healthcare in 1981, incorporating kinesiology and naturopathy into her practice since 1987. As an esteemed author and lecturer, Terry is recognized for her expertise. She holds an honorary membership with the Kinesiology Federation, is an active member of the Kinesiology Association, and is affiliated with the Society of Naturopaths.

In 1990, Terry established the Classical Kinesiology Institute, further solidifying her commitment to advancing the field. Over a decade, she served on the executive committee and chaired the Kinesiology Federation, playing a pivotal role in shaping the training program for the Kinesiology Association. Terry's influence extends globally through her widely acclaimed textbook on kinesiology techniques, available worldwide.

Her advocacy for kinesiology is evident in her appearances on UK breakfast television, coverage in the national press, and lectures delivered in the USA, Russia, and Japan. Terry Larder continues to be a driving force in the evolution and promotion of kinesiology and naturopathy.

Although she claims to be semi-retired, she runs online postgraduate courses and face to face courses at the Kinesiology Centre in Leicester where she has her clinic.

Terry 2018

Terry 2018