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Addressing the Subtle Bodies Using Muscle Response Testing


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This online course will give you an overview of what we think subtle bodies could be made up of. We discuss why addressing anomalies in the aura can have such a profound impact on the physical body, and how we can treat them. Notes are included in the course and you'll see demonstrations showing you how to address these subtle bodies within our usual treatment protocols, no matter what kind of therapy we may be using.

The way of integrating this information is simple and straightforward and will add a whole new dimension to your work as a practitioner. You will of course need to be proficient in muscle response testing.

This technique works really well in those cases where your client is not getting better, they have a persistent health problem that keeps returning, or maybe finds body work too powerful because they are very sensitive to the effects.

On the couse platform there is provision for the opportunity for discussion and questions througout the course.Worth 3 hours CPD including practising the technique. Unlimited access for 12 months.

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