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New Solutions for a New World - Kinesiology Conference

This conference is a must-see! Speakers from all over the world demonstrate kinesiology techniques that you can implement into your practice with confidence. Speakers include:

Adam Lehman
Marco Rado
Ludovico Felleto
Wayne Topping
Matthew Thie
Annemarie Goldshmidt
.... and many more!

Topics Include
  • Small Muscles, big issues - How to balance the Eye and Suboccipital muscles.
  • The Four Phases of Menstrual Cycle and the Moon, rebalancing the right phase at the right time
  • Simple Ways to "Self-Test" with Touch For Health for Self-Awareness, Self-Balancing, Coaching/Balancing Over the Internet, and Greater Active Participation and Self-Responsibility in Muscle/Energy Balancing
  • AK Shortcuts to Balance the Acupuncture Meridians Quickly and Effectively

Enjoy 20+ hours of muscle response testing with practical applications.
For your CPD requirments you can receive a competence certificate by completing an online test.

Click on the 'buy now" link to learn more and pay in Euros (approximately 169)
For a 10% discount, use the promo code cki10


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