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Roots and Innovations - Kinesiology Conference

This conference gives you the opportunity to see leading speakers from all over the world and share their experience. Consisting of 20+ hours of CPD and a competance certificate.
Playback videos are available in English, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian.

Speakers include:
Matthew Thie (USA)
Amy Choi (Singapore
Lee-Ann MacLeod (Australia)
Terry Larder (UK)
Sylvia Marina (New Zealand)
Chris Astill-Smith (UK)
Emma Aquarone (Germany)

Subjects include:
  • Kinesiology Assessment of Diurnal Hormone Cycle
  • Understanding your Natural Emotions
  • Get rid of symptoms of allergies by using ancient Back-Shu-points together with Techniques to Release Tension in Areas where Parasympathic Nervous System has its Branches, in order to Affect Quick and Deep Healing
  • Balancing the Ming Men
  • And much more....
Click onto the 'Buy Now" button to find out more (Conference costs approximtely 169)
For a 10% discount use the coupon code cki10

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