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Blood Types: Online Course for Healthcare Professionals


This course is delivered by Blood Type: Life - tutor Nicola Sainty.
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This accredited introductory course for health professionals is a short 8-module online course that can be applied immediately in your practice.
Explore the potential of applying Blood Typing to reveal the science behind how the epigenetic expression of the ABO gene can enable practitioners to work at root level to transform a client's health potential.

Course Features
  • Study time - 15 - 30 hours
  • Video Time - 4 hours
  • Tutor assessed
  • Completion certificate
  • Accredited by the Complementary Medicine Association as a post-graduate course.
  • Bonus! Your specific blood type programme included.
Topics Covered in the 8 Units
  1. Defining blood and blood type inheritance
  2. Blood type discovery and scientific progression
  3. Antigens and Secretor status gene FUT2
  4. Lectins
  5. Blood type evolution
  6. Immunity - the scientific research
  7. The 4 blood types
  8. Clinical application
This course is suitable for students and post - graduates in healthcare.



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