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Additional Kinesiology Techniques for Muscle Testing Practitioners

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Terry Larder's Sequel to her Worldwide successful book Essential Kinesiology Techniques.

This book, is designed as a sequel to Terry's first book and though shorter than its predecessor, is packed with easy to use techniques that are full of innovative applications and variations on well-known techniques.
This book is a must-have for anyone who already has Terry's first book. Equally, it is also suitable for any kinesiology practitioner with experience in AK-type techniques.
Get a feel for the book by checking out the Table of Contents in the above images.

"Terry Larder has written her second book dedicated to those who are already kinesiology practitioners, blending perfectly Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology with very easy-to-understand protocol descriptions. The book is full of very clear images and it describes some of the most useful techniques to use with Clients. Every kinesiologist should have this book!"
Marco Rado, physiotherapist, TCM expert and Specialized Kinesiologist (Italy)

"Having been taught various post-graduate kinesiology systems by Terry, I was honoured to be invited to assist in the preparation of this book. As specialized kinesiologists, we always crave more information and useful techniques to incorporate into our practice. This book helps to fill that need for both novice and established practioners, containing information collected over decades of professional practice by one of the UK's best known kinesiology teachers."
Chris Halls, Pharmacist, Homoeopath and Specialized Kinesiologist

"I have worked alongside Terry Larder as a fellow tutor for 25 years and know her to be a master of her subject. This book is a treasure chest of information for the practitioner and will prove to be a constant much-valued companion"
Pauline A. Noakes, BA(Hons), ND, Dip.KA, Dip API, Dip PHY

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