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Taken from article on complementary medicine - Heres Health July 2001

I feel that there is a future for me now

Rose Chapman, 53, was in pain and constantly depressed due to rheumatoid arthritis.

I was always tired as I only got about two hours sleep a night because of the pain. I was taking three types of drugs, yet I knew in my heart that conventional medicine could not help me. A friend suggested I visit kinesiologist Terry Larder.

She asked me about my lifestyle and health, then I lay on the couch and Terry tested my muscles, while putting various foods on my stomach. She felt that my problems would be food based and straight away found that potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and tea all gave me a bad reaction.

After I discovered I what I was intolerant to, I eliminated those foods from my diet. terry gave me nutritional supplements and several herbal combinations to take and I soon felt fitter and healthier.

That was over a year ago and, while I still have some pain, I now sleep well and live a normal life. I feel that theres a future for me now.

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