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Taken from article on complementary medicine - Real Magazine 2002

Ann Whittle, 45, is a local authority team leader from Leicester.

Every summer, I had violent sneezing fits and chronic hay fever. I hated taking drugs and tried homeopathy several times, but it didnt work for me.

Six years ago I started seeing Terry larder, a kinesiologist. She determined what caused my hay fever by placing phials of different pollens on my abdomen, while doing a muscle test. Once she discovered my triggers, she desensitised me by rubbing acupuncture points on my body while I held the pollen phials in my mouth.

She also suggested supplements for me to take during the pollen season, such as quercetin and vitamin c - I felt better after a few weeks. Now I see Terry just three times a year, and the only symptoms I get are a few sniffles when theres a high pollen count.

How it works
Gentle pressure is applied to an arm or leg in the presence of various allergens. Substances that disturb the bodys natural energy flow and make the person ill are revealed if the limb gives way. Practitioners also prescribe vitamins or herbs. Quercetin - a bioflavonoid found in foods like apples and onions - reduces sneezing and cools inflamed tissues. Vitamin C supports the immune system.

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