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What People Say About Our Courses

I was recommended to go on Terry's course for Muscle Response Testing Skills by my mentor, naturopath and nutritional Therapist Mary Sharma. I can honestly say I am so pleased I did as I really did not know what to expect, but knew that I had seen Mary using these skills in her own practice and saw how it enhanced her consultations.
I could see the benefit to learning these skills so that I can immediately test for potential food sensitivities as it as clients are interested to learn if a food could be contributing to their health problems. It is also a great stand alone procedure to offer clients.
I find it invaluable to be able to test my supplement programme to make sure that it's likely to be highly beneficial and promote vitality in the client.
What I learned was above and beyond what I had originally thought and has given me lots of tools to 'pull out' during client sessions, e.g. heavy metal toxicity.
I can thoroughly recommend this course to practitioners in any field of complementary healthcare.

Nicola Sainty, Nutritional Therapist, Dip NT

I owe Terry (Larder) so much, she changed my life. I have been a staunch supporter of Terry over the years, 8 of my clients went on to train with her and many like myself have successful practices. I have personally treated over 4000 people and I believe that is a tremendous tribute to her and Kinesiology.
Christianne Parker, Northampton

I hope you realise what a truly inspirational person you are and how much we all value your wonderful training, expertise and dedication.
With grateful thanks for guiding and supporting me through my career change and always believing I could make it...... and I have!!
Carrie Billings, Northants

About Post Graduate Training
Thank you again for another great weekend. I always gain such a lot- especially all your little gems of experience that you add to an already great training session. I feel re-energised and always return really ready to be more inspired and hopefully inspiring for my clients.
Jo Minchin, Bognor Regis

About the Foundation Course
This course takes your life in a positive direction my world has changed dramatically Janita Carley, Grantham, Lincs

Tell me more!! David Hodge, Stone, Herts.

.. a very useful addition to my skills in clinic to help me be more effective and help people attain their healing goals more rapidly Sheila Crossley - Nutritionist, Skillington, Lincs.

"...I think this course has changed my life!! A bold statement I know, but I cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short space of time" Fiona Rice, Northampton

"........Thank you for your excellent teaching and guidance, throughout the courses" Anne-Marie Burke 2006

About the Practitioner Kinesiology Course - Students from 2008

The techniques I have learned on the CK course have greatly enhanced my homoepathy practice. Most patients experience and immediate lift in energy, and enjoy havin ghe hands-on treatment.
As a patient: My kinesiologists, who trained with Terry Larder, got to the root of my long-term health problems by discovering and treating candida.
Jackie Thomas, Bedford

Classical kinesiology has become the single most effective source of treatment I have ever experienced. My life has been turned around dramatically. I not only feel emotionally and physically strong, my health hs improved so much. I have been so moved by my own experience that I am now very proud to report that I am now studying to be a kinesiologist and naturopath at the Classical Kinesiology Institute in Leicester under Terry Larder. I look forward to passing my new skills and knowledge to, in turn, make a difference to others
Maria Fenn Cheshire

As someone who received treatment from a classical kinesiologist, I found the results so amazing, ther is so much you can do for a person with this alternative therapy that other therapies do not cover. It impressed me so much that I am now training in it so that I can help heal people with the same techniques. It is truly life-changing
Andy Roede, Northampton

Patients view: Classical Kinesiology has saved my life. Four years ago I was a basket case with a variety of illnesses which orthodox medicines could not resolve. Since having kinesiology treatment I am no longer plagued by illnes and feel fitter than I have in years. I am far more enlightened about my own health and body matters.
Students View: The personal growth and development since starting to study kinesiology has been phenominal. I am a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and a much more grounded person. I have developed a whole new way of life.
Elise Elliston, Corby

15 years ago my ex-husband was suffering with very bad headaches. For several months he attended an allergy section of a top hospital but they failed to help him. I read about kinesiology in Here s Health magazine. Since then the whole family have regularly visited a kinesiologist, using the classical kinesiology approach, for treatments and mainteneance checks.
I joind the foundation course so that I could help my children and close friends and family. It was so exciting, interesting and thorough and so rewarding to be helping people - I feel so passionate about it now that I am continuing with a view to practise.
Janice Collins Nottingham

I first went to Terry about ten years ago in a very poor state of health and I came away with the key to bring about my own wellbeing. I could not have asked for more. Thank you.
Anne Jarvis, Northamptonshire

About the complete Diploma Course
. . . I would like this opportunity to say what an excellent course I think the Diploma Course is. All the modules have been extremely useful and necessary. . . I found them all interesting and to a very high standard. I will try and live up to that standard.
Many thanks- Anne Denton, Tyne and Wear

This course is not for the faint hearted. It is comprehensive, thorough and
a strong level of attention to detail." - Rumana Ramzan, Newcastle

It has been a wonderful course. It is changing my life, and is helping me to enable other people to change their lives for the better. Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring and life- changing course Sheelah Peacock, Nottingham

A course that has been truly life changing. I continue to be amazed by everything that kinesiology can offer and the impact of the treatments on the people that I have been practising on. I have enjoyed every minute of the course and as a result, I am healthier, more confident, have a much more positive outlook on life and am embarking on a brand new rewarding career Lesley Stephenson, Northampton

Thank you for a wonderful course! It has been absolutely brilliant, and I really have appreciated your professionalism and the sheer quality of our work. You are an inspiration to us all! Lesley Martin, Nutritionist, Milton Keynes

I have been on many courses in alternative therapies and learnt a lot, but I have never felt confident or professional enough to start a practice. This course has given me the knowledge and expertise to do this because of the high quality of teaching and all embracing course content Pauline Walters, Belvior, Leicestershire

I felt the course was put across in a very professional manner; a joy to be on it Lee Hampston, Hull, Yorks.

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