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What is Classical Kinesiology?

Classical kinesiology has its roots in Applied Kinesiology. In the 1960s, chiropractor George Goodheart DC demonstrated the links between muscle response and energy circuits in the body. He determined that each muscle has its own communication or wiring with a circuit in the body.

He found that anything out of balance in that circuit would affect a muscle that shared the same wiring system. He would get an accurate reading from muscle testing as to where imbalances in the body were occurring and then evaluate what the best kind of treatment would be to rectify these imbalances. This meant that everyone who came into his clinic would receive tailor-made treatments. He used many kinds of therapies to address their health problems. He might have massaged reflex points on the body, held acupuncture points, made a spinal adjustment,given a nutrient or carried out an emotional diffusion technique. He called this Applied Kinesiology because he was applying the information gathered by studying muscle response (kinesiology means `study of movement`).

He became famous for being able to solve health problems that no one else could and taught these techniques to chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors and dentists.

Since those early days much research,including clinical trials, has been done to verify the repeatability and effectiveness of Applied Kinesiology techniques. This investigative therapy now includes new techniques that are being discovered all the time. Kinesiology is renowned for being able to uncover underlying health problems that are difficult to find by any other means. All other kinesiology systems have their roots in Goodhearts work.

Classical Kinesiology provides fully trained practitioners. These therapists are very skilled in muscle testing. Applied Kinesiology, although using the same kind of techniques, is taught as an adjunct for existing therapists such as doctors, chiropractors or dentists.
For more information about kinesiology in general, plus some kinesiology self help techniques

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