Deep Level Chakra Balancing - Online Course

Price: £215 (REF: 37)

This course can be taken in three different ways with 3 different pricings according to your preferred way of learning:

This is option 3 which is where the course can be taken online with no attendance days. We have had good feedback about the success of learning this way, and although we recommend at least 1 attendance day (Options 1 & 2) this course works very well for those living too far away to travel.

(enrolment details will be sent once you have booked the course here or if you prefer to pay in dollars, visit us here on the Thinkific course platform site)

To view details of options 2 and 3 and access free preview lessons go to the online course platform visit here to enrol. (Please note that these course fees are in dollars)

Prerequisite: Muscle response testing/kinesiology Foundation Level.

This practical down to earth course gives a new dimension to an esoteric subject. Terry Larder examines the relationship of the chakras to the physiology of the body. She will show you how treating the acupuncture system - the distributors of energy - will fine tune these highly important transponders of energy to affect in a remarkable way the body, mind and spirit.
Using this non-invasive treatment, stunning results with your clients are assured.

Relieve pain and discomfort in any area of the body.

Relax tight muscles and joints and move bones without force.

As the chakras are greatly affected by stress, you will be able to diffuse even severe emotional problems in a simple non- threatening way.

When your usual mode of treatment has no effect, treating the chakras can remove blocks that prevent healing.

This course is suitable as CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

What people said about this course
"I work with chakras a lot in my practice. I just didn't realise that it would extend my knowledge so far! I was very impressed with the difference it made to me during the training weekend and I have used it on nearly every patient since." Katrina Woodrow
Terry Larder says. "If I was told that I could only choose three techniques to use in my practice, this would undoubtedly be one of them"


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