My Friend Christianne

posted on 27 July 2023 | posted in For Practitioners New to Muscle Testing

I clearly remember the day, 30 + years ago when Christianne first came to my clinic to check me out before she decided to embark on the Kinesiology Practitioner course. I instantly liked her, and I knew that she had that 'something" that made her a great healer, and that is love of people and a calming influence. She told me that she had trained as a nutritionist with ION but was looking for something else to add to her skills as she felt there was something missing in her current skill set. She would say, "After learning kinesiology (muscle response testing) I just don't know how I managed without it. My practice has grown, I have unique skills and I don't have to guess what foods/nutrition/ remedies to give my clients, their body tells me. It is so accurate that sometimes I can't believe the results I get. It takes me to places that I wouldn't think of if I were to just use educated guesswork. Also, it saves my clients money since it's rare that I need to order expensive lab tests".

Christianne called me today. Sadly, she has decided she must finally retire. She has too many clients for her needed change of lifestyle and asked me if I knew any one with similar skills to take on more people in need. Sadly, despite the amazing results kinesiology testing produces, there aren't enough practitioners who include these skills within their practice. "Where can we send people who are desperate for help?", she says, " can you take any more clients Terry?" I had to decline as I too have as many clients as I can manage.

Both Christianne and I are desperate to pass on this knowledge to others. "It isn't complicated", Christianne says, "but it has totally transformed my practice and been the kingpin in earning me good living over the years in a vocation that I really love. As a practitioner, I get so excited by what the client's body reveals through muscle response testing (MRT) and how it points me to the most effective treatment".

MRT can be implemented in many healthcare disciplines and how it can be used is described and demonstrated on a course designed for existing practitioners. Christianne found that using a system called PRANA, and also incorporating test vials, were particularly useful to narrow down perplexing and complicated health problems.

I shall miss Christianne, although she will always remain a friend. Like Christianne, I want this amazing tool, used to learn the body's innate wisdom, to be passed on to future generations. Will YOU be a person to keep these important skills going? The investment is small in comparison the dividends it produces - in so many different ways.


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