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Bringing the Mouth Back to the Body

Course ID 103

Date: To be arranged
Venue: Classical Kinesiology Institute, Leicester

The mouth has its own microbiome that can, without doubt, significantly affect the whole body. Even the medical profession acknowledge that bacteria and protozoa in the gums and teeth can affect the heart and the brain.
This new and exciting course will cover:
  • What can we as muscle response testers and kinesiologists do to help and advise our clients?
  • We will look at many reasons why we should be asking them about their mouths, and what dental treatments they have had in the past.
  • How dental foci are detrimental to health and what to do about them
  • Neurological tooth; solving problems such as painful biting, headaches, neck problems and much more
  • Dysponesis - how the brain is affected by a poor bite.
  • Your client wants their amalgam fillings removed. Are they well enough? How you can find out, and how you can ensure that their fillings can be removed without adversely affecting their health
  • The galvanic charge of metals in the mouth, why they can be detrimental, its impact on health and what can be done about it

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