Why I Love Balancing Chakras at a Deeper Level

posted on 6 September 2021 | posted in Post Graduate Kinesiology Training

By Terry Larder

There have been changes in the way we work, brought on by COVID restrictions, and we have found that some courses do work very well online or online with a shorter amount of time in face-to-face training. This has worked very well for the Deep Level Chakra Balancing (DLCB) course and currently we can offer it in three different ways to suit preferred ways of learning.

Why Consider Learning DLCB?
When I first studied kinesiology back in the '80's I was not conviced that chakras actually existed and that the concept was to esoteric for my way of thinking. So they didn't form part of my kinesiology 'toolbox'. However, I was sufficiently intrigued in the '90's to join a group of my friends and visit Stockholm, where I learned from the late Richard Utt how chakras could be tested and corrected for specific imbalances that affected them. It was all done via the acupuncture system. This made sense to me since our energy fields are not segregated from one another, but all form part of a whole. Richard bought in clients who were partially paralysed and worked on them using this system. The results were at times quite stunning as previously flaccid muscles sprang into life after the chakras were balanced. Whilst I cannot say that the improvement was necessarily permanent, it demonstrated that their muscles held potential which could then be worked with on a regular basis.

As soon as I returned from Sweden, I was really keen to try this out in clinic, so I wasted no time in asking my 'long-suffering" clients to bear with me whilst I slowly carried out the techniques I had just been taught. My first client, I remember, told me that he was stressed by the dilemma of whether to take early retirement or not. It was causing him a great deal of anxiety since he was not very happy at work due to certain personality clashes in his office, but clearly it was a big step to take. We worked on his chakras in relation to this dilemma since they would have been severly disrupted by his inner turmoil. During his follo-up visit a month later, I asked him how he had been getting on with making his decision. He replied, "Oh, I made the decision the next day after seeing you - I've put in my notice!" Balancing his chakras had really helped his emotional state so that he could make a clear decision.

Dr. Sheldon Deal said that it has been established that 90% of muscles that test over-facilitated in the body can be resolved by treating the chakras.

These are just a few of the benefits of balancing chakras through the acupuncture system. Since attending Richard's course in the early 90's there is barely a day in clinic when I don't bring out this amazing tool.

Maria Bez, a kinesiology practitioner with many year's experience says, " I absolutely love using the Deep Level Chakra Balance and Analogue Muscle Testing - the best things I ever did."

How Can You Balance the Chakras at a Deep Level Using this System?
  • The chakras are challenged in a way that identifies its specific imbalance/s.
  • The corrections are made by stimulating acupuncture points that are known,through research, to correct the chakra's specific imbalance/s.
There are now three ways that you can gain this wonderful information to use in your clinic.
  1. For those who prefer to learn in class there is a 3-day course run at the Kinesiology Centre in Leicester. Learn more here.
  2. For those who enjoy learning online but would like to attend in person for just one day to consolidate their learning and meet other practioners, learn more here. This has proven to be a very successful way of completing this course as the online videos can be reviewed over again after the course is finished.
  3. For those who live further afield, the course works well in the online format. Find out more here.

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