How Much Do You Need to Know to Become Successful in Your New Business?

posted on 16 June 2022 | posted in Post Graduate Kinesiology Training

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I'm 'long in the tooth" and have trained many people over the years. Many have gone on to create their own successful practices, but others - even some of my 'star" pupils have fallen by the wayside for various reason and this has given me great sadness.

People don't set up in business for many reasons, but I would say the most common one is lack of confidence. The times I have heard in class people say something like, " I'll practice on strangers when I know more". The question is, how much more? Many will have experienced the huge health benefits gained by identifying health issues and their solutions and kinesiology testing does this so well. This in itself is a fail safe method of 'getting it right" because the client's body points the way for you to go and directs you to techniques you have in your toolbox.

Maybe your toolbox has got rusty through lack of use and you'd really like to start afresh but time has passed by making the idea of starting up a practice a dim and distant dream. So what would help you to regain your confidence? Some revision might be useful to sharpen your skills (along with lots of practice on real people!), but maybe you don't want to repeat a whole course. Consider a short recap on some techniques you may have learned and perhaps some that are new to you. The online course After Touch for Health maybe just the thing. You can do it as just an online course with the provision to ask questions or make comments, or better still if you are in the UK, you can join us for a great 2 days which will answer all your questions, help you put the techniques together and really bolster your enthusiasm again.

Another option is to consider booking one or two mentoring sessions with a practitioner who has successfully gained a practice. You may know someone, or if you would like a session with me personally, do contact us. This is a great way to kick start your enthusiasm again.

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