Why Learn How to Test Muscle Response?

posted on 17 August 2021 | posted in For Practitioners New to Muscle Testing

We were continually being asked for short courses in muscle testing training and so a few years ago we introduced a new course to fit the bill.

Muscle testing is a skill and requires practice so we do not believe that a person can find value in just a two day course. Testing muscle response can be an extremely valuable skill to add to your existing services and our short courses aim to show how to implement them successfully into a session with a client. Our 6-day introductory course, taken over a 4 month period, is an investment that is bound to increase the value of what you already do and also your client base. Nutritionists, herbalists and homoeopaths wonder how they managed without it once that they have learned how to muscle test properly. Many have told us that their practice has significantly increased as they find that they are able to get to the root of client`s health problems so much quicker and more easily. Some nutritionists have reported as much as a 50% increase.

Kinesiology/ Muscle Response Testing is so good at determining the most appropriate remedy for the individual. Courses give practitioners many tools and skills to help balance the biochemical, electrical, structural and emotional aspects of a health problem. Practitioners are also given the skill of being able to identify the priority imbalances and the most highly effective treatments for the individual client.

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