What People Say on How they Prefer to Learn

posted on 21 January 2022 | posted in General Topics of Interest

In response to the blog 'Should Postgraduate Kinesiology Courses go Online? we received some great responses from practitioners.

Here is what some said:

"Online training works for me as I live a very long way from CKI in Leicester.
I have enjoyed your book and the online cyberkinteics course I have been doing. As I have been out of the kinesiology world for some time, I'm very rusty with some of the techniques. My wish list for training would be something like Microsoft Teams so that the trainees could interact with each other and you (Terry Larder). I would like to learn about test kits and the products you use. Maybe a weekly or monthly training on a particular topic of health, or a technique would be great. For me, they would have to be affordable, so maybe monthly subscription rather than forking out too much money in one hit. But am I interested? Yes Certainly!"

Nicola says:
"A combination of both online and in person is great for me. Primarly onlin would be great, but it would be good to attend on in-person weekend to make absolutely sure I'd learned the techniques correctly"

Maxine wrote:
"I would have said "No" to on-line training pre-covid, but world-wide we've had to adjust our ways of operating and I've found the online course has worked brilliantly for me, but I will always want to follow up practice days to clarify/hone my skills if it's available, so I'm definitely a combination-person :-)

The bonuses of online for me are:
  1. Being able to review protocols as often as like and at obscure times of the day that suit me!
  2. Having a few people already prepared to be guiea pigs so that you can practice the techniques soon after learning about them has also helped (as per your recommendation)
  3. Having a fellow kinesiologist nearby to practice with has been and added bonus for me. We are both studying, so we keep each other motivated and focussed.
  4. Your feedback on queries is always timely and that's very helpful too, as I'm usually still reviewing the related content when you respond.
Sam says: " I personally would prefer a hybrid of on-line and in-person training."

On the other hand.....
Lynne says, " I like to come to courses. I work better when the course is in person rather than by myself online".

Was this helpful? Please do email me and let me know what your course 'wish list" is.

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