The key to longevity, energy and vitality is in your blood!

posted on 21 February 2023 | posted in General Topics of Interest

Blood Groups
'Eat Right for Your Type" is a well-known phrase in the natural healthcare world. I've been intrigued by it, bought the book by Peter d'Adamo, and took the blood test to find out my own blood group. Occasionally I give out copies of recommended specific diets to my client. However, that's as far as it got! I've come across quite a number of practitioners and clients who have found that eating according to their blood type has made such a difference to their health. My friend and colleague Nicola Sainty kindled my interest again by talking passionately about the amazing benefits that she and her clients have experienced working with this philosophy.

Nicky has developed a short certificated course that will teach healthcare professionals how to integrate this system into their existing practice. Learn more about this course.

Nicola Sainty

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