Should Postgraduate Kinesiology Courses Go Online?

posted on 20 January 2022 | posted in General Topics of Interest

If you had asked me before the Pandemic it would have been a resounding 'No', but the last 2 years has caused us to do some thinking 'outside the box'. What is your opinion and which do you prefer? Here are a few pros and cons highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of both ways of learning.

What about a combination of the two to cut down the amount of travel and expense?
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It can be a refreshing break to go to another location and meet new people with the same passions and interests as you. Many course participants say they learn a lot from their peers at break times!
The additional costs of travel and accommodation including the 'carbon footprint'.
There is an opportunity to practice the techniques and ask questions in real time and your tutor is there to give you guidance. Being present re-charges enthusiasm.
Once the course is finished there is usually no opportunity to review it without repeating the course.
Being on the course means dedicated time to consolidate learning without any distractions.
Attending a course in person may mean taking time out of annual leave or from other commitments.

There is no travelling involved

It's a lonely way to learn

Lessons can be re-played to aid understanding and clarity. Some courses have the facility to ask questions in a Discussion Box.
When you need to learn and consolidate the protocols taught, it can be more difficult to find people to practice on.
Lessons can be done in your own time and fit in with your schedule.
Some discipline is needed to start and keep going with the learning programme because 'things get in the way'.

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