After the COVID Year

posted on 13 September 2021 | posted in For Practitioners New to Muscle Testing

Once upon a time there were two teachers, a lawyer, a doctor (and me) who joined the Muscle Testing Skills Course for Healthcare Practitioners. What drew this diverse group together to learn this 'obscure" skill? Well they are all additionally skilled in either nutrition, naturopathy or Bach Flower therapy and herbalism.

After the COVID year, many people have been re-evaluating what is important to them, so learning extra skills - things that they are interested in - has been on the minds of many.

Many natural healthcare practitioners enjoy learning muscle response testing skills because it proves to be such a tremendous help in finding underlying causes of the health issues that their clients present with. As well as being fascinating to learn, it also helps narrow down which health solutions are likely to be more successful for the individual. In other words, it helps tailor-make treatment protocols in a truly naturopathic way.

This time, because of COVID restrictions our group was small, but at the Classical Kinesiology Institute we always have small groups of no more than 12.
Look at the 'Testimonial" section at the bottom of this page, to find out what people say about this course.

To see the course content and to book visit here.

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