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If you are already a trained kinesiologist and you're looking to learn about CPD courses...

I am already a qualified healthcare practitioner and want to use kinesiology as an adjunct to my existing skills. How can I do this?

Kinesiology is a fantastic tool to add to existing skills. Nutritionists, herbalists and homoeopaths wonder how they managed without kinesiology once that they have learned these skills. Many have told us that their practice has significantly increased as they find that they are able to get to the root of client`s health problems so much quicker and more easily. Two nutritionists report as musch as a 50% increase. Kinesiology is so good at determining the most appropriate remedy for the individual and also the kinesiology courses give practitioners many tools and skills to help balance the biochemical, electrical, structural and emotional aspects of a health problem. Kinesiology also gives practitioners the skill of being able to identify the priority imbalances and the most highly effective treatments for the individual client. The Muscle Testing Skills for Existing Practitioners course is an excellent starting point. This course will be a springboard and foundation to learning more kinesiology skills that you can incorporate into your practice.

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