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To receive occasional mailings about courses on Muscle Testing Skills that are suitable for existing healthcare practitioners who aren't kinesiology trained

If you are already a trained kinesiologist and you're looking to learn about CPD courses...

Post-grad / additional courses schedule

These courses are suitable and acceptable for CPD (continuing professional development).

Minimum level of training for attending these courses is Foundation level kinesiology.

Click on the courses listed below for more information.


After 'Touch for Health' - The Next Progression After Foundation Kinesiology  online course

Lyme Disease Protocols for the Kinesiologist  (30 Nov 2019)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Test Vials  (1 Nov 2019)

Analogue Muscle Testing Course for CPD  online course

Muscle Testing Skills for Existing Healthcare Practitioners  (24 Jan 2020)

Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment  (Previous Course)

Mentoring Day and CPD for All  (Previous Course)

Deep Level Chakra Balancing  (Previous Course)

Phytobiophysics Level 1  (16 Nov 2019)

Analogue Muscle Testing  (Previous Course)

AFTER Touch For Health  (Previous Course)

Really Cool Techniques for Kinesiologists  (Previous Course)

Lateral Thinking Skills for the Kinesiologist  (Previous Course)

'Toxic and Tired? - The Emotional and Mental Factors in Disease  (Previous Course)

Polarity Reflex Analysis Review Day  (Previous Course)

Research Awareness in Natural Healthcare  (Previous Course)

Anatomy & Physiology Homestudy Exam  (Previous Course)

Supplemental Techniques for Those Difficult Cases  (Previous Course)

Helping the More Challenging Health Problems  (Previous Course)

New and Review - Electrical Treatments and Procedures  (Previous Course)

Stuck on Structure?  (Previous Course)

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