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Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment

With Terry Larder
Date: Sat 23rd - Monday 25th March 2019
Credits: 3
Venue: Classical Kinesiology Institute
Cost: 360 (100 deposit secures a place) View How to Enrol and Pay
Includes extensive manual

Prerequisites: A minimum of Foundation Kinesiology/Touch for Health 1 IV, Anatomy & Physiology.

Learn how in 10 minutes you can identify the bodys true nutritional priorities and get to the roots of your clients health problem.

The benefits of using nutrition and herbs with clients are well established. By combining their use with energy treatments, the kinesiologist can create a truly naturopathic and holistic treatment protocol that exceeds what most practitioners of single modalities can only dream of.

You will be able to integrate into your practice straight away:

  • A set of nutritional reflexes that will automatically prioritise the bodys most stressed systems in the order that it wants to be treated.

  • Identifying the best nutritional supplement is made easy, as you will have a list of remedies from various suppliers for each reflex.

  • A method of identifying nutritional imbalances that could contribute to the presence of toxins, infections, hormone imbalances, low vitality, poor concentration, constipation, diarrhoea, blood sugar handling problems etc

  • A system that drastically reduces the risk of healing crises and ensures that you can only use herbs in a safe and effective way.

  • A method of treating the subtle bodies with food that will unlock a cascade of events needed to bring about healing.

  • This course is suitable towards CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
    "So many ideas buzzing around my head, it's really changing the fundamentals of my practice and how I run my business. Can't thank you enough and very keen to do more courses now I'm a more successful kinesiologist." Catherine February 2017

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