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If you are already a trained kinesiologist and you're looking to learn about CPD courses...

ONLINE Analogue Muscle Testing Course AVAILABLE NOW!

Course ID 92
With Terry Larder
Cost: £115

  • The course will be online and you can watch it at your convenience. Access will be yours for 1 year. It is presented in sections so that you can review any portions of it as often as you want to.
  • Online cost includes manual sent to you in hard copy. On receipt of payment you will also receive instructions on how to access the course on Vimeo.
  • You will be invited to a 'secret' Facebook page where you can ask questions and view responses for a year.

    View How to Enrol and Pay

    Prerequisite: Kinesiology at Foundation Level

    Developed by the late Alan Sales, this system of muscle testing determines the ultimate treatment.

    I have been using analogue muscle testing for the last 12 years and consider it the most exciting development weve had in kinesiology for a number of years. Terry Larder

    Testing muscle response gives us a binary feedback (it’s either on or off). Not any more…. Learn how you can pick up and address so much more using analogue testing.

    Simple to learn yet very effective - dont miss this new dimension to add to your skills and you will achieve even deeper corrections for your clients.
    You will learn:
  • How to muscle test in analogue mode
  • How to identify the best treatment
  • How to load all the information the body wants to use without the tedious need to stack
  • On occasions when you do need to stack, using analogue muscle testing is much easier than in binary where you are coping with multiple changes of indicator.

  • This online course shows you all the explanations and techniques alongside lots of demonstrations showing you how to use it in clinic.
    You can post any questions to the 'Secret' Facebook page that you will be invited to.

    There are 11 active users currently online.
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