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AFTER Touch For Health

Supplementary Procedures (SP) for the Touch For Health Practitioner
Course ID 84
Prerequisite - Touch for Health 1 - 5 or similar foundation course and Analogue Muscle Testing

Tutor: Terry Larder
Venue: Classical Kinesiology Institute, Leicester
Dates - Saturdays
SP1 - 19th May 2018 (10am - 5.30pm)
SP2 - 14th July 2018
SP3 - 8th September 2018
SP4 - 3rdNovember 2018
Cost - £130 per day module, which can be attended separately. If all four modules are booked and paid for together - £470 (£50 discount). View How to Enrol and Pay . The cost includes access to videos of these techniques to view at home.

Analogue Muscle Testing Day can be attended the day prior to SP1 - Friday 18th May. Click here for details

Cloacal Reflex
The significance of the hyoid position
Procedure for balancing blood chemistry
Pre and post ganglionic technique (chakras)
Lateral atlas
Fixations of the vertebrae
Injury recall technique

Techniques that help diffuse emotional issues including psychological conflict, verbal challenging, fears and phobias and more..
Aura leaks
Ionisation imbalances
Putting it into context

Balancing the endocrine system
Adrenal fatigue and the 3 stages of adrenal stress
Riddler’s reflexes
Hypothalamic Set points
Raising Vital Force Mode

Moving bones without force
Reactive muscles – short cut
Review of postural analysis and how to put together a protocol
Advanced muscle techniques
Temporo-mandibular joint assessment

Time will be spent in demonstrating how to put these techniques together and there will be time for practice.
There is a lot more that we can share, so for those who are really enthused this can be extended to more one-day courses.

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