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'Toxic and Tired? - The Emotional and Mental Factors in Disease

Tutor: Pauline A. Noake, BA(Hons), ND, Dip.ASK. Dip APL, Dip PHY

Saturday 14th September 2019
Venue: Brent Knoll Somerset
Cost: £135
£60 deposit secures a place.
Please book with Pauline directly. Contact her on inh21214@btinternet.comAccredited for 7 CPD hours by the NNA

Our society is in deep emotional trauma with breakdown of community and family life. The affected children are suffering greatly, with ever-increasing rates of mental health problems and learning difficulties. We are all dealing with living in a recession, financial problems, breakdown of relationships, “toxic and tired” syndrome and the daily pressure of trying to “keep the show on the road”.
Emotional distress traps toxins in the body and reduces the body’s ability to function properly. Kinesiology gives us powerful tools to help our clients and we need to have appropriate protocols that address their emotional issues effectively and restore them to health.
This day will not only help you improve your results with your clients but it will offer you ways of addressing the client's health problems with a greater depth and breadth than before. This is a previous course (archived)

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