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Research Awareness in Natural Healthcare

Course ID 55

Date: Saturday 18th October 2014
Venue: CKI , 81 Lancashire St Leicester LE4 7AF
Tutor: Christopher Davies
Credits: 2
CPD: 20 hours non-kinesiology (includes assignments)
Cost: 135 including assessment as an assignment
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The media are full of stories about research done in healthcare. For example, some of them wax lyrically about the benefits of vitamins or minerals, some reports are scathing.

This leads us to ask ourselves the questions:
  • How do I know if the research is valid and should I be taking notice of it?
  • What do I tell my clients when they draw one of these studies to my attention?
  • Why is research so difficult to do and what is 'evidence based medicine' that is so often referred to?
  • Should I be carrying out research in my practice, will it be time consuming or valid? If so, how can I go about it?

    The course aims to introduce the principles and practice of research and promote research-awareness and how to reflect and analyse research in a systematic and critical way.

    This course is suitable for Continuing Professional Development and is essential for those wishing to apply for upgrade to full registered Naturopath status.

    This is a previous course (archived)

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