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Stuck on Structure?

With Terry Larder

Date:Saturday Saturday 12th December 09
Venue:Classical Kinesiology Institute
Times: 10am - 5.30pm
Cost: 115

Prerequisites: Kinesiology to an advanced level
Suitable for KF requirements for CPD

Ever inwardly groaned when your client declares his/her problem to be a bad back, neck or shoulder etc?
Then this one-day course is for you!

Whilst we are well aware that using finger modes will yield a great deal of mileage we can often become stuck when structure is the required treatment. Learn how to seamlessly integrate structural techniques into a session.

Sometimes, in our experience, the best results for structural pain discomfort is to carry out stand alone techniques that are known to work wonders. Learn some new ones as well as review in the context of this course some that you already know.

You will learn:
How to approach a structural problem
New information about injury recall
The amazing benefits of trigger points
Some simple stretches that keep them from the chiropractors door
Short cuts to treat over-facilitated muscles and reactive muscles
How to treat neck and shoulder tightness
Whiplash injury
New method to clear fixations
Hot or cold treatment? How to find which is best for an injury
And more

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