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Phytobiophysics Level 1

Phytobiophysics Level 1
With Pauline Noakes.
Please book directly with Pauline Noakes at

This two-day course will take place at:

Bristol area Sat & Sunday 4th & 5th July 2020

Cost:: 275 (100 deposit)
Includes a practitioner textbook and a course manual. a travel size test kit costs 28 and can be bought on the day.

Prerequisites: Kinesiology at Foundation Level

Phytobiophysics uses the vibrational energy of plants to release energy blocks and create balance on all levels of consciousness, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Developed and researched over 20 years, this fascinating philosophy has led to the creation of 20 Flower Formulas which are able to rapidly regulate the bodys energy, thus enabling it to function harmoniously. They are first assimilated into the circulatory system and connect with the nervous system via the meridians, helping to regulate function, eliminate toxins, correct structure and stabilise emotions.

Phytobiophysics Level 1 (14 hours)

This 2-day workshop will provide an invaluable addition to your kinesiology skills and improve your results.

In this workshop, you will learn:
The philosophy of Phytobiophysics -- a new way of looking at health problems

How the Flower Formulas resonate to the colour spectrum and the healthy body

The heart lock theory and its relationship to the constitution types and levels of consciousness

How to use kinesiology to prescribe the Flower Formulas for acute and chronic conditions

How to pinpoint the emotional factors involved in current health problems (and when they occurred).

This course is suitable for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It is also a prerequirement for Module 5 Kinesiology at Practitioner Level.

To book on this course, please contact Pauline Noakes on 07802 237 764
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