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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Test Vials

With Terry Larder
Course ID 96

Venue: Classical Kinesiology Institute Leicester

Date: Friday & Saturday 1st & 2nd November 2019

250 (Deposit 100) (Includes some test vials)
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Muscle Response Testing Skills,orFoundation Kinesiology with Nutrition orNaturopathy or Practitioner Level Kinesiology.

Test vials are becoming widely known as one of the most invaluable assets of a kinesiologists toolbox. If used correctly, they are definitive in pointing the way to the correct kinesiology resolution, no matter which system you use, thus ensuring a truly naturopathic approach. You will be amazed how much information o can glean from a client's body and how using test vials will help you to find the right resolutions and discover connectionsbetween symptoms and body system impairment.

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