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Pathophysiology - Clinical Medicine - Understanding Disease from the Medical Aspect

Tutor: Terry Larder

Venue: Leicester
Course fees: 495
Deposit is 90
Cost includes Audio CD and manuals
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9 credits at level 4

Course TBA 2018

This course is not to be missed. Terry brings to this course lots of tips as well as important information you need to know to be a good healthcare practitioner.

Course Aims

You will be able to:

Understand the clients illness in the way that their doctor sees them including treatment and outcomes

Discuss with clients their medical diagnosis with knowledge, thus inspiring their confidence in the practitioner

Understand some of the test performed and what their results mean

Recognize `red flags` indicating serious illnesses that need to be referred to a medical doctor


Concepts and attitudes of the medical profession, tests and investigations, technical terms, diseases and their treatment, observation in medicine, lab test, scans and x-rays, investigations, danger signs.

There will be home study, and a written exam. Please book at least 5 weeks before the start of the course to receive your pre course study pack

This course forms part of the Classical Kinesiology Institute diploma course or can be taken as a postgraduate course for Kinesiology Federation professional membership requirements
This is a previous course (archived)

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